10 tips for a beginner steward

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1. Decide why you bet. You must accurately understand your goal. Bets for you – a way to regularly make money or sometimes get “bonuses”, on weekends cheering for your favorite team. If the first, then you should treat business as a business. Namely: set your bank (the amount of money allocated for bets), choose the strategy of the game and follow it (maximum and average stake size, average number of bets, etc.), constantly monitor the events on which bet, read about rates And communicate with other players. If the rates for you are only entertainment on weekends, then this article can not be read further. The only advice in this case – do not put a lot.

2. Only place in large offices. Bookmakers are somewhat like banks. Here, in most cases, too, the principle operates: the larger, the more reliable. Big bookmakers, as a rule, have a history and value reputation. But the one-day shops do not need to close at one point and pocket your money. So do not invent a bicycle, use the services of trusted offices (Bwin, Beffair, William Hill and others). Do not exchange for questionable bureaus, which offer tempting factors. The history of post-Soviet bookmakers knows a lot of bankruptcies, so be vigilant.

3. Forget the word “true”. Often newcomers operate with the term “true”. Thus, they mean: full confidence in the victory of one of the teams or bet on the notorious favorite. Both these statements do not tolerate any criticism. Most importantly – in bets you can not be 100% sure of anything, as in life. A very big mistake is when a person, when choosing a bet, relies only on the coefficients. Remember that they (coefficients), as a rule, reflect only the general alignment of forces. They are abstracted from your strategy both financial and playful. Think about whether you need this rate? What is the ratio kf / probability of outcome in it? In addition, as a rule, this is the bet on the favorite for a scanty coefficient, for example, 1.10 or 1.40. Such rates will not bring you to the good, more details in the next paragraph.

4. Forget about betting on favorites for a scanty coefficient. As it is sad, but the most popular rates in bookmakers, these are pure victories of favorites. These most favorites, of course, often win, but sometimes they have a habit of playing a draw or losing. The player who bet on them (favorites), this loss is very expensive. For example, you are a beginner player. Love football and decided to put on the victory of “Barcelona” over the middle peasant or an outsider for 1.20. “Barca” plays in a draw, and your bet flies. You bet 1000 rubles. And now, to play it, you need, at least, to win five bets in a row with a similar ratio. But if your revenge is interrupted at the third match, then you will go into deep minus. So, the bets on the deadlift favorites? Not at all, but you need to put for a sane kef. For example, try to play their minus, total or dry victory.

5. Forget about the “locomotives”. Even the one who just started playing in the office, knows the word express. This is a chain of events, the coefficients of which are multiplied among themselves. But in the event of an unsuccessful outcome of at least one event, the entire bet will lose. So, the express is not an absolute evil. To put an express from two events to 1.80 each is not so bad. The risk is moderate, and the gain will be significant. But in order to properly select such events, you need experience and knowledge. As a rule, beginners fall into the other extreme, they make “locomotives” – expresses with 50, 100 or 200 cuffs. The player beckons possible winnings, and he forgets about the probability of the outcome, turning the bookmaker game into a lottery. As a result, such a player has a lot of expresses, the lion’s share of the bank has been spent, and only a few events have gone through as a result of evil in each “locomotive”.

6. Never change the strategy. You must establish a bank (the amount allocated to the bets). Determine how many percent of the bank will be held by one bet. It is better that this amount does not exceed 3% for one bet. Decide on the game strategy – the ratio of ordinars and reasonable express. Schedule for yourself at least an approximate number of bets, which you can do in a week. This number must be adequate, so that each bet is thoughtful and weighted. The day you retreat from the planned strategy without a good reason will be the beginning of the collapse. The main thing: never change the maximum percentage of a bank for one bet more than a few points. It’s only in Hollywood movies that good guys win the jackpot by betting the whole pot.

7. Avoid tilt, feel good luck. Each player has a period when everything comes. The bet on any event ends with a win, and you feel like the king of the world. In this case, you need to continue to put in the current mode. While there is a “white” band, follow her. But as soon as you lose several bets in a row, stop. Pause, do not put a few days, have fun and do not think about bookmakers and odds. When you have a rest, then you can resume the game, otherwise you will end up in tilt. Tilt – a poker term that reflects the negative psychological state of the player, in a simple “zapar”. In this state, you act emotionally, not realizing the possible consequences. In bets it pours out, as a rule, in losing the pot for a short period of time. You lose one bet after another, try to recoup, raise the amount and in the end become bankrupt.

8. Put only on what you know. Do not be a bully, do not bet on everything. Choose yourself a specialization in sports and specific leagues and follow it steadily. Bidding from having nothing to do at the championship of Singapore on football, you play in someone else’s territory and thus feed the bookmaker. To put, you need to be familiar with the tournament table of the championship, the statistics of the latest matches of rivals, the dynamics of their performances throughout the season. Be patient, wait for your matches, which are ready and understand. As many championship matches as you can, try to watch on TV or on the Internet.

9. Avoid bets with psychological installation. This item can be called in a different way – do not put on your favorite and hated teams. Very often inexperienced players forget that they came to the world of rates to earn money, and not to root for or against. As a consequence, the belief in a team for which one has been ill since childhood, involuntarily forces you to make an unreasonable bet on it. Very often this rate is the direct way to lose. The same applies to the teams you hate. Do not bet against CSKA Moscow, just because you are a fan of “Spartacus” and vice versa. Bets have nothing to do with the pain.

10. Life does not end with betting. Remember, bets are, of course, important, but these are just bets. No matter how much you lose or win, life will not end there. You have friends and family, give them more time. Do not sacrifice one for the sake of the other and intelligently combine.

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