600th match Buffon won Donnarumma. Supercup – the “Milan”!

“Milan” defeated “Juventus” in the match for the Italian Super Cup.

Match the Italian Super Cup, held in Doha, I was for the “Milan”.

“Juventus” – “Milan” – 1:1 ai (1:1, 0:0, 0:0). Penalties – 3:4.
Goals: Chiellini, 18 (1:0). Bonaventura, 38 (1:1). Penalties: Marchisio – 1:0. Lapadula – 1:0 (goalkeeper). Mandžukić – 1:0 (crossbar). Bonaventure – 1:1. Higuain – 2:1. Kucka – 2:2. Hedira – 3:2. Suso – 3:3. Diba – 3:3 (goalkeeper). Pašalić – 3:4.

“Juventus”: Buffon, Lichtsteiner, Chiellini, swearing, Sandra (Evra, 33), Marchisio, Sturaro (Lemine, 79), Khedira, Pjanic (Diba, 67), Higuain, Mandzukic.

“Milan”: Donnarumma, Abate (Antonelli, 102), Romagnoli, Paletta, Mattia De Sciglio, Locatelli (Pašalić, 74), Bertolacci, Kucka, Suso, Bacca (Lapadula, 102), Bonaventure.
Warnings: Lichtsteiner, 35. Romagnoli, 43 Kucka, 58. Mattia De Sciglio, 70. Higuain, 120 + 1.
Judge: Damato (Italy).
23 December. Doha.

Desert Cup – with the headline on the front page was published in La Gazzetta dello Sport on Friday.

Italy has long been thought that the Super Bowl of the country to conduct reasonably beyond the Apennines.

For the first time this has happened already in the distant 1993, when the “Milan” defeated “Torino” in Washington. Since then, the trophy played in New York, Tripoli (yes, in the Libyan capital), three in Beijing, one in Shanghai. And the second time the Italian Super Cup took Doha Qatar. Arab countries such here simple way quietly preparing for the home World Cup 2022.

Two years ago, the match at Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium between “Juventus” and “Napoli” ended in a draw 2: 2 with a double as part of the Neapolitans did Gonzalo Higuain. In the penalty shoot his then team won. And this summer, the Argentine moved to turintsam and went on a sweltering field in the starting lineup. Again penalties. But this time she did not favor Higuain.

It is interesting that for the head coach, “Juventus” Massimiliano Allegri Italian Super Cup also a memorable tournament: in 2011 in Beijing, he led to victory over “Inter” … “Milan And the trophy remained until Friday last on for the red and black So wards.. Vincenzo Montella has finally updated the collection of the museum club.

“Juventus” was a favorite. As the champion and winner of the Cup. As the leader of the current season. But the penalty series – it’s always a different story.

In general, we must admit that the quality of the game, both teams were far from ideal. Affected, apparently, pre-Christmas mood – after the final whistle, the team went on vacation. And the atmosphere, reminiscent of the pre-season friendly matches – still far from the public in Qatar on emotion and understanding of football to Italian. And, by itself, difficult climate – stadiums with air-conditioning systems, the Qataris have not yet built.

In October of “Milan” sensationally beat “Juve” thanks to a goal from 18-year-old Locatelli and rescue 17-year-old Donnarummy.

The heir to Buffon as the young goalkeeper called red and black, cool, and distinguished himself at this time. Already in the debut he parry Mandzhukicha and Sturaro with which to cope, not every goalkeeper. However, immediately after the shot Sturaro “Juventus” scored: delivery from a corner Chiellini closed.

Meanwhile, for the most 38-year-old Buffon match in Doha was the 600th for “Juventus”.

Ruin his anniversary was called Bacca, who Montella trusted place on the cutting edge. But this season, the Colombian is not like that goleodora who repeatedly decides the outcome of the different endings in favor of “Seville”. This time he has ruined his chances. That ball could not properly handle, then Buffon cope.

But the good was in the red and black Suso. After the Spaniard was, in fact, the whole game. And it was his submission to scoring Bonaventure became one of the leaders of this “Milan” smartly struck his head.

After that the score was 1: 1, the advantage until the 120th minute that owned one, then the other. But more often – “Juventus”. Especially since both came off the bench in place of Pyanicha Diba. The Argentinian said attacks “Old Lady” of harmony and clarity.

But instead of becoming a hero of the match, Deeb was the main culprit for the defeat. In extra time it ruined the most dangerous moment, slapped the ball over the bar around the line goalie. And in a series of Donnarumma penalty kick deflected it in a nice jump, and this has become a flash in the pan for “Juve” fatal.

There is first of “Milan” trophy since 2011!

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