America’s Cup First Sensation: Brazil has never scored Venezuela by the rules

At the 2019 America’s Cup, the second round of the group stage began and the first major surprise of the tournament took place – if we consider Argentina’s defeat against Colombia and Qatar’s draw with Paraguay as not very big surprises. On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the hosts and main favorites of the tournament Brazilians in El Salvador played a 0-0 draw with Venezuela, which until recently was considered the weakest team in South America.

The Brazilians had a great advantage in possession of the ball (almost 70%) and strikes (19-6), but according to the rules, they hit the target only once. Another three times were not according to the rules – all three goals that happened in this case, the match referee Julio Baskunyan canceled. In the first half, the Chilean coped himself (Firmino folil before scoring), and in the second half VAR helped him twice.

If in one case everything is quite obvious (the same Firmino gave an assist pass to Jesus from offside), then the second one is not easy to figure out by video (5:27, if not played from the right place):

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