Cristiano Jr. is already a superstar: poker for Juve, brand clothing and strict training

While Cristiano Ronaldo is waiting for the first goal in Serie A, his son already dominates.

Last week Cristiano Jr. started training at the Juventus Academy, and scored four goals in the debut game for Juventus U-9 against Lucento (5: 1) on the weekend.

Cristianoino fumbles with the ball from early childhood – my father started talking about the career of the top football player, when the boy was only five. A year later he was sent to the academy “Pozuelo” – the club of the third Spanish division, based in the city of Pozuelo de Alarcón, province of Madrid.

The decision to pass the academy of “Real” surprised many, but Cristiano wanted to save his son from media attention. Logistics is also important: the training base “Pozuelo” was located closer to home and school, this greatly simplified the task for Grandma Dolores Aveiro. Especially the child himself asked to “Pozuelo” – there played his friends.

The debut of Ronaldo Jr. – of course, under the seventh number – turned out bright. He scored in the first game – at the gate of “El Carrascal” (4: 3). Gol celebrated in the style of his father, who watched his son from the rostrum – as once in Madeira for his game, closely pressed against each other, watched Mama and sisters Cristiano. In last year’s text for The Players’ Tribune, Ronaldo recalled that for him that day is one of the most important in life. Comparable except perhaps with a triumph in Cardiff, when the Portuguese together with his son picked up the trophy, and then walked across the field, holding the child by the hand.

Perhaps, here lies the motivation of Cristiano to build a football career for his son – so that you can experience these magical moments again and again.

Ronaldo with joy and pride shares his son’s football success in instagramme. The rollers can see the delivered blow, high decision-making speed, free, creative technique and class punches from penalties. Cristiano is not afraid of complex tricks like striking through yourself.


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So proud of my boy❤️️❤️️❤️️ hat trick???

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Nothing is coincidence ??⚽️

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In “Pozuelo” Cristiano Jr. spent two years, until the departure of the family from Madrid. The Spanish period of training he completed in the title of the top scorer of the school – 55 goals.

Ronaldo and here does not lag behind his father – he tries to copy it in small things, including the famous rack before the execution of penalties. In April, after the Madrid derby (1: 1), he tried on a crowded “Santiago Bernabéu” to repeat the great ball of Ronaldo in Turin.

Ronaldo said several times that he started plowing in 11 years: “I was skinny, without muscles – and decided that I will work more than anyone else.” He began to load his son much earlier – to give him superiority over his peers, not only in technique, but also in power.

Cristiano Jr. already has a relief, and he himself promises: “Dad, I will be like you.”

Ronaldo monitors the power of his son no less than his own, not letting him relax and accustoming to work out calories in the gym. “The ice cream is finished. It’s time to work, “- Cristianoño hears it all the time.


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When you want to become a football player and you have the genes of Ronaldo – it’s luck. When Ronaldo is also your personal trainer – this is double luck. True, we inevitably have to suffer: Patrice Evra complained about the tyranny of Cristiano, who did not let him enjoy lunch and called for training.

But the son of the Portuguese seems to enjoy even the endless lessons. Although sometimes trying to evade.

“I’ll show my father how to shoot a penalty,” says Cristiano in the backyard of the Madrid mansion.

“Wait,” the father replies. “Come on, you have three attempts, and you must score.” If you do not score – ten push-ups.

The first blow flies into the hands of Ronaldo, who got on his knees at the gate. The second (more powerful) is in the bar. The third is sewing the net over the ears of the Portuguese.

The son rejoices, lying on the grass, and the father calmly says:

– You scored. And now 10 times push-ups.

– But I scored, – the younger tries to object.

– Let’s do it, just 10 push-ups.

And the son wringing out at the expense of his father, and then, exhaling, forcing another ball into the net.

One of the brightest matches in Spain, son Ronaldo, held in November 2017. His team scored eight goals, “Bernadette” B “, and the young scorer under the screams of the opponent’s coach” do not let him turn and beat! “- six. In front of his father, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, two guards and a bunch of people.

The media called Cristianoño “The Golden Boy”, and in Ronaldo’s instagram there was only one word that day: “I’m Proud.” And the goals of his son.

They wrote that Cristiano Jr. was upset that he had to leave “Pozuelo”, but he was already getting used to Turin.

Cristiano Jr. is already boldly going to the junction with his son Andrea Bardzalya. There is also the son of the legend “Juventus” and the new player of “Zenith” Claudio Marchisio.

Now Ronaldo does not hide that he dreams about his son’s football career: “He loves to compete, he is the same as I was in his childhood, he does not like to lose. I am 100% sure that he will become like me. I like to teach him something, but he will make a choice, and I will always support him. I would like him to become a football player, because he has the same passion that I have. He is powerful, fast, he has good technique and impact. I will not put pressure on my son, but, of course, I dream that he will become a football player. “

Krishtianino has just started his career, but has already been removed in advertising, has become the face of the clothing brand for boys – CR7 Junior – and is not afraid to sit behind the wheel of a sports car for 2.5 million euros.

Ronaldo told me about his son’s interest in fashion in November: “Cristiano grows so quickly that I no longer need to wear it. He is very independent, he has good taste, he understands fashion. When I decided to launch a collection for boys, he took an active part in it. He behaves very naturally in front of the camera and fascinates everyone. “

Collection autumn-winter 2017 long sold out, all 46 items. In the range – jeans (from 40 to 69 dollars), shirts (from 39 to 65), shorts (from 39 to 59), jackets (all – for 69 dollars).

Cristiano Jr. is organic both in the fashion world and in the world of football and, it seems, no less than the father is confident in conquering the world.

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