Djokovic won the US Open and unexpectedly became the best tennis player in the world

The Serbian summer was simply unreal.

In the final of the US Open, Novak Djokovic defeated Juan Martin del Potro in three sets – 6: 3, 7: 6, 6: 4. Serb won the second Grand Slam tournament in a row and the 14th in his career. At the expense of the third victory at the US Open, he equaled the number of “Helmets” with Pete Sampras, and now he is circumvented by only two people in history: Rafael Nadal (17) and Roger Federer (20) .

Starting with the fourth round, Djokovic in New York shows tennis of some fantastic level, and the final was no exception. Due to insane stability and impenetrable defense, the Serb in three sets defeated a man who any other rival would probably simply have taken down from the site.

As usual, the main reason for Novak’s victory was the ability to reach a qualitatively new level exactly at the right time. For example, he took the first set using only two mistakes Del Potro from the forehand : the Argentinian was leading 40-0 in the game on his serve, but after feeling a tiny chance, Djokovic grabbed him, began to crush him with deep blows from the reception and gradually broke his blow to the right.

Serb in general the whole game tormented del Potro depth of reception and almost did not give him short balls, from which you can immediately lead an attack. So he turned off the Argentinean powerful serve.

And in the draws struck Djokovic ability to steadily pull the most powerful forehand Juan Martin, which actually had to fly straight (in this Djokovic also helped that the courts on the US Open-2018 bed was relatively slow). He did not just have time to put a racket under the ball, but answered rather deeply and then without any problems returned to the middle of the back line. Most of the match the Argentinian could not knock Novak with one or two strikes, and this, naturally, increased the likelihood of a mistake or the fact that the Serb would seize the initiative and score himself.

Chain Djokovic showed and at the macro level, when in the second set with a score of 3: 4 kept a 20-minute game on the pitch, which played three break-point. At that moment Del Potro added to the relics and caught courage, while Novak himself, on the contrary, began to soften and generally make more mistakes. However, at key moments he was still unsinkable: for example, he played one of the breakpoints by going to the grid with a powerful forehand along the line. It was very bold.

The second set match, which lasted an hour and a half, finally broke Del Potro.

In the middle of the game, the Argentine was finally able to take advantage of the fact that his friends shouted “ole, ole-ole-ole, Delpo, Delpo” brought the whole stadium, and added significantly in the game. Even at that time the square of the square, in which Djokovic was beating, slightly decreased, and he moved from the lines closer to the middle of the court. Against this background, Juan Martin’s first pitch began to bring light points, he had self-confidence and courage, and from forehn he began to beat as in the best match of his life – the final of the US Open-2009 against Federer . His blows became sharper, earned run-ins, he began to intercept the initiative.

Instant reaction was the reaction of Meryl Streep to the rally in which Del Potro first sustained the exchange of backhand, then got a slightly short ball and hammered a mad blow to the right. Juan Martin was really so good at that moment.

But, as already mentioned, Djokovic did not break, although he shouted at the hostile stands, knocked the ball intolerably between the first and second serve, and several times did not meet the 25 seconds allocated between the drawings (it can be assumed that Judge Allison Lang did not become his punishment for this, because at this time she had to constantly plead with the fans to calm down).

On the tie-break, Del Potro was again ruined by mistakes after deep receptions, and in the third game the match returned to the channel of gokotsentrichnosti: the Serb first made a break, then slowed down and gave it away, but then again reached the highest level of stability, which brought him victory in it final.

In general, Juan Martin deserved to take a set or even a couple. He is a real warrior who has suffered a lot to return to this level. And his bitter tears after the match once again show how much he wants to win, as far as he does not care. The world will be very unfair if, in the second career, Del Potro does not take the “Grand Slam”.

Djokovic won the fourth time more than one “Grand Slam” (2011, 2015, 2016, 2018), but this time his success was completely unexpected.

Returning after a wrist injury, he lost half of his matches until mid-May, and at that moment there were well-founded questions about whether he could ever return to the previous level. It was obvious that the passion for tennis had returned to him, but the game was not yet available.

But in just a few weeks the Serb has been reborn. Starting with Masters in Rome, he won 34 games out of 38 (89% of wins), only in Toronto lost before the quarter-finals, and took three titles, of which two are “Great Helmets”, and one – never submitting ” Masters “in Cincinnati.

Very abruptly and unexpectedly, the Serb returned to the level at which he spent the seasons of 2015 and 2016 . And now again it is very difficult to identify the elements in which he has any serious problems, and his tennis leads to total dominance on the court: due to constant pressure, he forces his opponents to play worse and ultimately surpasses them in everything.

For example, in the final against Del Potro, he even beat the Argentine by the number of strokes (32 vs. 31). And Novak won more points in all types of draws: short (from 0 to 4 hits), medium (5-9 blows) and lingering (more than 9 beats).

According to the results of the US Open, the Serb will rise to the third line of the ATP rating, but only Rafael Nadal bypasses this point – only 1035. Given the problems of the Spaniard with his knee and his dislike of tennis in indoor hard courts, and Federer’s instability Djokovic, most likely, will finish the season with the first racket of the world . Already in the near future, he can formally formalize what in recent months in the game and results has become the best tennis player of the planet. Although in May the Serb could hardly cling to the top 20, but played below the level of the top 50.

In addition, due to the victory in New York, Novak again bypassed Roger Federer on the earned prize – he had 119 million dollars against 117.5 from the Maestro.

At any rate, Novak Djokovic is again at the top of the world.

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