“Lester” – “Atletico”: “foxes” hunting in the semifinals

Will the “Indians” allow the continuation of the banquet of the English sensation?

Correspondents “SE” – about the state of the teams before the return match of the quarterfinals of the Champions League.


On Saturday, the still active champions of England were staying at the Crystal Palace. In the sixth minute, “Leicester” got the right to strike out from the master penalty – it seems to be an unremarkable episode. But then the ball was picked up by Fuchs, wiped it properly and waved it to the area of ​​the goal area exactly to the head of the giant Hutu – 1: 0. The rare case when an assist with a hand is legal.

As a result, “Lester” played a draw, but the “fox” is not very upset. Although the head coach Craig Shakespeare has not decided on the gamut of emotions. “I can not say if we scored one point or lost two,” the coach with a literary surname shrugged his shoulders at a press conference. And it is unlikely at that time the Englishman was seriously discussing this – the gap from the relegation zone in the Premier League is comfortable, so the problem is almost solved. And the Champions League beckons.

Hammer-shaped Hoot in the second game with “Atletico” will not play – fed up with yellow cards.

In such a situation, Shakespeare could sound the alarm, because in the center of defense the “foxes” are playing irreplaceable, and Captain Morgan because of injury did not fly to Madrid. But the Jamaican recently returned to the general group, so that the fans of the “Leicester” can exhale – at least half the center of protection will be familiar.

But necessarily come out on his native left flank kopemetatel Fuchs, who was praised on the eve of his colleague Drinkwater. Midfielder England, impressed by the productive transfer of the Austrian, called him “the secret weapon of the team.” “Sometimes these face-offs can be more dangerous than corners,” thought the midfielder. “In the first game, we did not use them very often, but in the return of Fuhsa, they can give us an edge.”

Another important feature of the insurgent “Lester” – Vardi. Fantastic character of English football in 22 games of the current championship under Claudio Ranieri scored just six goals. The same striker recorded on his account after the resignation of the Italian in seven Premier League games , and the gate “Palace” Vardi struck after the transfer of Mahrez – as in the good old days. But Shakespeare recently revealed that the striker of the English national team was thinking about going to Ibiza and settling there for some nice work. Fortunately, Vardi was dissuaded.

True, the striker’s achievements in the domestic championship do not affect his game in Europe. In Madrid, Vardi was isolated from the team and in 77 minutes did not make a single (!) Accurate pass with two attempts. Hardly for such statistics Shakespeare wrote him a sonnet.

Another intrigue of the confrontation – okolofutbolnaya. In Madrid, fans of the “Leicester” staged a pogrom directly in one of the central squares and shouted “Gibraltar is ours!”, And later a drunken holiday turned into a clash with the police. For this, six fans of the “fox” received eight months in prison, and two more – four. Spaniards are quiet – Diego Simeone recently even complained to his fans for being too modest. But it is unlikely that the fans of Atlético have forgiven the British that they have mutilated their hometown.


When the first quarterfinal of the Champions League takes place on Wednesday, and the response on the following Tuesday, the schedule of matches immediately becomes excessively dense, and this threatens with problems with the physical form of the players, if you upload them yet and Saturday’s game of the national championship. Great temptation to give leaders a break. “Leicester” did not succumb to the temptation, putting almost the main part of the game against the “Crystal Palace”. “Atletico” acted differently. By decision of Diego Simeone , Grismann , Gabi and Saul did not participate in the Saturday meeting with Osasuna . In addition to them, the game also missed Koke because of disqualification.

But the rotation of the composition practically did not affect the line of defense of Atletico. This allowed the “Indians” to avoid worrying about the outcome of the game – “Osasuna” could not inflict a single blow on the opponent’s goal. 8: 0 on hits on the target and 3-0 on goals – this turned out for the Madrid home match against the main outsider of the Spanish championship. In addition to all the main defencists, I had to play against Osasuna and Fernando Torres . On the veteran in the past month, a huge load fell due to the injury of the main striker Gameiro , who missed five matches because of the tendinitis of the adductor muscle of the left leg.

Now Gameyro finally received a green light from the doctors. The French striker flew to England and entered the preliminary application of “Atletico” of 20 players. Two of them have yet to be cut – one goalkeeper and one fielder. Finally, the decision on whether Gameiro is ready to play and enter the final application is postponed until the last moment, depending on the state of health and the sporting form of the Frenchman.

Fernando Torres has hardly enough strength for a full match, but the ex-striker of Liverpool and Chelsea will not be left without playing time in England. For him, this will be the first match in England after leaving the Premier League. Torres scored in the Premier League on 26 stadiums out of 33, where he went on the field. In ten cases he had enough for this one match. At the stadium, “Leicester” Torres will play for the first time.

The presence in the preliminary application of “Atletico” just three goalkeepers is also not accidental. The second goalkeeper Moya just recovered from the injury, and just in case Leicester arrived also André Moreira , sitting on the bench in the last matches.

The game “Atletico” against “Osasuna” again reminded of the problem, pursuing “mattresses” all season – the implementation of a penalty. At the gate of the Italian Sirigu “mattress” did not immediately score two eleven meters with an interval of 101 seconds. In the current season, six players of the Moscow team have been smeared from the point. Grizmann did not even realize three penalties. However, the Frenchman did not fail Atletico at the most important moment – when executing a penalty in the first game with Leicester against Casper Schmajhel , reflecting a penalty in both matches of the 1/8 finals against Sevilla .

Given that the first game ended with a score of 1: 0, chances are great that in Leicester, the case can reach the post-match series. This would not really like “Atletico” against the backdrop of his fatal problems with the implementation of 11-meter. To avoid testing, “mattress” just enough to just score from the game. And, given the potential advantage in freshness, this should not be a problem for Atletico, much more experienced in the European club matches than Leicester.

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