Life after Neimar. Who will replace the Brazilian superstar in Barcelona?

From day to day (and even from hour to hour) the coach will finally turn into a pumpkin – in other words, the transfer of Neimar will become the most expensive in the history of football, and the 11th number in the blue-garnet dressing room will be vacant. Talks about this were conducted throughout July – few were less discussed possible candidates to replace the Brazilian striker. “SE” offers your attention three potential newcomers to the liberating position in the attack of the Catalans.

1. Philippe Coutinho

The most obvious option is the Brazilian left winger of Liverpool. Neumar’s ancestor, Coutinho is much more modest (as it seems) outside the field, and in the game itself is equally effective and effective. To fit into the Latin American trident should without any problems – it was MSN, will be the ISS or MSC.

On the other hand, the obviousness of this transfer is somewhat blurred, it is only necessary to remember that the purchase of Coutinho was originally presented as one of the conditions under which Neymar will remain in Barcelona. If he does go to PSG, why is Coutinho leaving England? But the “Barcelona” – in itself a reason is pretty strong, and the climate in the capital of Catalonia is not an example of Liverpool. They say that the football player himself has already agreed with the “Barca” terms of the contract. So very soon the football world can begin to monitor whether the amount will change from the change of Brazilians in the attack of blue-garnet.

FOR: Technique, speed, Brazilian continuity and stability over the past few years – especially bright in Coutinho came out last season.

AGAINST: Jürgen Klopp, who does not want to let go of one of his main stars, and Neimar’s departure as a possible obstacle for the player himself.

2. Kilian, MBAPPE

About the young Frenchman in Europe talked all winter and spring – a bright second round in league 1 and, especially, the playoffs of the Champions League led to the fact that Mpappa began to compare with Thierry Henry, predicting his almost more brilliant future, and the price tag for Player jumped to an incredible height. “Monaco” predicted a total sell-off in the summer transfer window, but the Monegasques immediately announced that they plan to keep the main stars, so as not to slow down in the next season. But business is business – Bernard Silva and Mendy have already changed the Cote d’Azur to Manchester, and Bakayoko to London; On the turn of the 18-year-old Kilian.

Champion of France immediately said: want to buy Mbagpe – be prepared to shell out at least 180 million euros. The “Barcelona” will have this money after the departure of Neimar, and the ability to immediately turn a little lower in volume deal, leading a talented player from under the nose of the main opponent – it is “Real” now called the main contender for Mbagpe – looks very attractive to the Catalans . Kiljan is used to playing in the center of the attack, but can shift to the flank; Valverde, an expert on working with young people, it will not be difficult to integrate him into the attacking three (continuing the topic of abbreviations, something like CMM or MMS will come out). In addition, the real Henri left a very good memories in the “Barcelona” – why not to continue his “double” started by the original?

FOR: The playing qualities of the Frenchman suggest that, in the event of his transition, the attacking power of the Catalans who lost Neimar will not weaken. From a marketing point of view, it’s a perfect transfer at all – the name of Mbappa is now so well-known that a high price hides a high potential profit.

AGAINST: Photos from Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid posters in the little Mabppe’s children’s room – perhaps the player himself will not want to go anywhere except the current champion of Spain.

3. Antoine GRIZMANN

This question is not idle at all, and the very possibility of such a turn of events should not be categorically denied. The name Grizmann appeared in the list of possible changers Neimar recently – the Frenchman, the last few years is the main motor of fast and classy car Diego Simeone, was seriously going to leave Atletico this summer, but made a noble gesture, extending his contract with the club in the light of transfer sanctions “Mattress”. Will he go to treachery? And what can Barcelona entice him to do, considering that Grismann has already become the champion of Spain, and has played more often in the Champions League finals in recent years than the Catalans themselves? True, he did not manage to raise the winning cup over his head – perhaps this is the only chance of blue-pomegranate.

Retribution for Antoine now amount to 100 million euros – a mere trifle by today’s standards. He is a year older than Neimar, but in comparison with the carnival Brazilian his game is much colder and more judicious – and therefore more effective. Grizmann is devilishly good at attacking, only playing from the left will be quite unusual for him – the Frenchman is closer to the attack center or the position under the attacker. Here is the test of the trainer genius Ernesto Valverde. And if it does happen, Barcelona will kill two birds with one stone: it will get an excellent player in the attack line and will again turn the championship of Spain into a “tournament of two teams”, having unfastened Atletico from all pretensions to the throne – to find a quick and equivalent replacement for Grizmann ” Mattress “will not work.

FOR: The brightest European in the championship of Spain in recent years with a deadly scoring chase.

AGAINST: Honesty, responsibility, sense of duty in a difficult moment for the team – even Woland-Simeone, who collected suitcases twice, extended the contract with Atletico for another year, what to speak of ordinary mortals.

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