Mircea Lucescu: A week will see another “Zenith”

Chief coach of the blue-white-blue – the defeat in Belgium, the debut of newcomers and a fatal error Ivanovich game Shatov and Kokorin, turf condition and Scoring draw Acheamponga.

– It was a game in which the hosts deserved to win – began Lucescu. – It has been seen a great desire on their part – more than we do. Specifies very high rhythm of the game. We scored an early goal after a very serious mistake Ivanovich. And thus it was necessary to change completely the tactics of the game today, completely open, try to attack, but in this field it is very difficult to do so.

Given that the field is not very good, had a lot of losses in handling the ball, the opponent to use it – and this led to a number of points at the gate. I am sure that all was in another way, if not for a silly goal. We had to be sure to withstand the 20-25 minutes, given that for a long time there was no official matches. We expected to do so, but this goal, unfortunately, all turned over. There were moments in the first half and in the second, but unfortunately did not implement them.

Final score: 2: 0 – a good result for the home team, but we have a whole week to analyze what happened in the home game will see all the other “Zenith”.

– Acheampong actually did result. If he pays special attention to?

– We knew about it very good high-speed data and that it is connected from the bottom, and can be in the final phase in the penalty area. We should not have to lose balls. If we recall the second goal, Kokorin easily lost the ball, Acheampong was left alone and scored. The youth of this team, and virtually all of their attacking players at 21-22, we had to compensate for their experience, good location on the field, the tactical placement of all players. But, unfortunately, I want to remind you that the goal that we scored and that no one expected, all turned over.

– Today debuted Hernani and Ivanovic. We can say that Danny made his debut after a year break. Tell us about your impressions of them.

– Hernani today generally debuted in Europe and, probably, was the best in the field – a well-covered areas, trying to play quickly and put some good punches. As for Ivanovic, it will likely not adapted to the field. It was obvious his great desire to play, but unfortunately, it is not adapted to our game and, to the field and that was today. Danny is not ready until the end, we gave him to play in the second half, but it still takes time to get back to the level that we all know.

– What is the position of Danny out on the field?

– He can play only two positions – Shatov and Zhulianu. Today came the first. We should also say that we must ask ourselves the question of his game Kokorin and Shatov.

– Did you change your game dramatically in the next match?

– Hopefully, the field quality is better. Today we have made a lot of technical errors due to poor condition of the lawn. I think that if we scored early in the match, then the game would have changed.

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