“MU” collected a mosaic of trophies

“Manchester United” defeated “Ajax” and for the first time in its history won the European League or UEFA Cup. Now the “devils” have all the big trophies of our time.


It is impossible to imagine a big match in Sweden without Ibrahimovic, especially when his team plays. What difference does it make that he got seriously injured and dropped almost before the end of the year? It’s Zlatan! And Manchester United did not sacrifice the championship in favor of the second-rate European Cup in order to leave Ibrahimovic without a holiday.

However, Zlatan does not grieve. Before the finale, he laid out a video in Instagram that runs along the bottom of the pool, and at the Stockholm stadium, too, appeared spectacularly: the Swedish king was taken to the parking lot on some absurd pick-up truck, and he himself laid a sick leg on the hood – they say, I’m fine!

To the last I naively believed that Zlatan would be in the application. I hoped that the whole story of the trauma – one giant hoax. But, alas: “MJ” really went on the field “Friends of the Arena” without his main star, who once scored four goals here for the British (including the same masterpiece, which you now remember).


Without Ibrahimovic, the foundation of “MU” orphaned, although other key players did not fall out of it. Jose Mourinho on Sunday pampered the game time long-range reserve, so Pogba and the company went to Sweden fresh. And a hundred million Frenchman quickly opened the account, taking advantage of the rebound from Sanchez. But this goal, Pogba will definitely not cover the expenses of “MU” for him, because for the victory in the European League “red devils” will receive from UEFA only 15.71 million euros. Although they will be more happy with the place in the Champions League.

But we are now, after the final whistle, easily divide the pieces of the financial pie into components. In the game, everything for the “United” was much more difficult, because the junior squad of Peter Bos was struggling to overturn the grandee. “Ajax” was originally the outsider of the finals – a handful of unskilled, albeit talented football players are unlikely to harm a multi-experienced grandee, led by Mourinho. But it was only considered bookmakers.

In fact, the youthful enthusiasm, fueled by the fiery support of their fans (you would have heard them sing!), Played its part: “Ajax” attacked a lot, but did it instinctively, rather than according to a thoughtful plan. From the stands it was clearly noticeable that the Amsterdamers did not observe the positions either during the attack or during the defense.


With discipline, as it turned out, “Ajax” has problems and “standards”. Smalling, who made an assured discount after the corner, initially held two, and Mkhitaryan contrived to break through the fall of the goal area, although he seemed to be closely guarded by Feltman. The result – the sixth goal in the European League of the Armenian, whose name the English continue to distort. “The ball was scored by Henry Mikitarian!” The announcer solemnly announced after changing the account.

Fans of “Ajax” by that time had already burned in the stands all the pyrotechnics that existed: firecrackers fired at different points of the Amsterdam wall, but they were quickly extinguished. At the same time, questions to the stewards remained: as is known, the day before the final in Manchester there was a terrorist attack, and UEFA decided to tighten security measures. Where then pyrotechnics?

The players of “Ajax” rushed forward, tried to think of something, even lit a small scuffle, but it all looked like the useless barking of Moska to the Elephant. “MU” – the winner of the League of Europe and the holder of the permit in the Champions League. I wonder what the team is happy about.

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