“Napoli” hopes for a miracle in the second leg against Madrid “Real”

The Italian “Napoli” hopes for the home walls, the power of his attack, Pepe Reina at the gate and good luck in the return meeting with Madrid “Real”, and “Arsenal” approaches the return confrontation with the “Bavaria” in a sad mood.

“Napoli” (Italy) – “Real Madrid” (Spain) (the first match – 1: 3).

Despite the cheerful start with the crazy goal of Lorenzo Insignet, the first match at the “Santiago Bernabéu” was formed for the Italian “Napoli” unsuccessfully. Madrid “Real”, having received a “blow to the jaw”, did not show his mind and responded to the daring Neapolitans with three of his own balls, creating a significant reserve before the return meeting.

Now, “Napoli” in his native “San Paolo” will arrange a victory with a score of 2-0, and few doubt that the team Maurizio Sarri is able to score two goals against any opponent, even if it is a question of the current champion of the Champions Cup.

Another thing that does not miss from the “royal club” will be for the Neapolitans is very, very difficult. And the “Real” is too good in attack, scoring for 46 consecutive matches, and the defense of “Napoli” periodically experiencing too serious problems.

In general, the Spanish grandee before the return meeting is an absolute favorite on the passage to the next round, in which, however, for his opponent there are even pluses.

“All the pressure is on the” Real “. They are world champions, the richest club, the best. So they must go further, “said Sarri.

– But our fans are also world champions. And tomorrow we will see it. Perhaps they will go further, they have already scored for 46 matches, but we will try to complicate their task.

In addition to his dashing attack with Marek Hamšik, Insigne, Arkadiusz Milik, Dries Mertens and others, the Italians are strong in the last leg – Jose Reina at the gate really inspires confidence to his partners, and his supersevyv in added time in the last match of the series A against “Roma” (2: 1) saved for Naples the most important three points.

Real Madrid did not qualify for the game as the central defender Rafael Varan, which could result in some defensive problems, because Pepe, who will surely replace the Frenchman in the starting lineup, began to surrender with age and show no previous stability.

But the pleasant news for the fans of the “Royal Club” was the return to the system missed the last game of the Portuguese team Cristiano Ronaldo. The leader of the “creamy” has already started full-fledged training and went with the team to the south of Italy, planning to enter the field from the first minutes.

Real Madrid midfielder Camez Rodríguez said on the eve that only Real Madrid could play four goals in the French PSG in the second leg, and Barcelona can not do it.

But the blue garnet will have to try to refute the words of the Colombian on Wednesday when the team of Luis Enrique tries to arrange a repair from 0: 4 at the Camp Nou, and today the blue garnet can simply cheer against Real Madrid, as the sports director of Barcelona Arjedo Bryde.

“In Barcelona, ​​all are rooting for Napoli because of the big rivalry with Real Madrid. It seems to me that Napoli has a good team, they have players who, thanks to their cunning, can ensure victory for their team. They have a good chance of winning, “said Bryde.

Serving the meeting of “Napoli” – “Real”, which starts on March 7 at 22.45 Moscow time, will be a team of Turkish referee Dzhunayte Chakira, which is commemorated to fans of English “Manchester United” to remove Nani in return meeting with the same “Real” in the 1/8 finals Champions League a few years ago.

“Arsenal” (England) – “Bavaria” (Germany) (the first match – 1: 5).

If in the battle of Napoli with Real Madrid at least some intrigue is still present, then in the confrontation between Arsenal and Bavaria, she died at the Allianz Arena, when the Munich team scored five goals with one goal from the Gunners.

The beginning of the second half with three quick goals of “Bavaria” destroyed the dreams and hopes of fans of “Arsenal” and provoked a new wave of demands for the resignation of Arsene Wenger.

The head coach of Londoners holds with dignity, but his team’s business does not go well. Spectacular losses, “Arsenal” continues, and in the last match of the Premier League, the team was defeated by Liverpool at Anfield (1: 3).

Before this meeting, it seems like there was a conflict between the leader of the team Alexis Sanchez and the rest of the players, because of which the Chilean started the meeting in reserve and entered the field only in the second half, but the striker refuted this information after the game, and his coach called rumors Delirium.

That’s just no one can deny that in the hometown of Sanchez Santiago is actually going to a rally of fans who want Alexis left the London club.

The essence of the requirements is formulated very clearly: “We do not want Sanchez to return to Barcelona or go to Real Madrid. We just want him to play in a team, where besides him on the field will beat the other ten players. ”

Perhaps, it best illustrates what is happening with the “Arsenal”. There is a feeling that the team dropped their hands, and the mentor is no longer able to ignite their wards.

But although the confrontation with the “Bavaria” and earlier ended for Wenger and his team is sad, and almost everything became clear after the first matches, in return, “Arsenal” has repeatedly won.

Now any victory, let’s not talk about the overall success in the two-round duel, can breathe new emotions into the collective.

But it will be very difficult now to win against Bayern Munich, which is in an excellent form and confidently leading in the Bundesliga.

Team Carlo Ancelotti now can even afford to sometimes lose points (which periodically and does), feeling very confident at the same time.

Given that the “Arsenal” will not play yet and Mesut Ozil, and the Munichers do not experience problems with the composition, believe in the possibility of having problems with entering the quarterfinals they simply can not. But certain rotation from Ancelotti can be expected.

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