Predictions | Everton – West Ham | Premier League

1.70 against 4.75 in the game Everton and West Ham, as you feel, right? I would argue with that. Teams share 5 points and 9 lines in the standings, but it is rather a display of terrible start to the season in ispolnienii Hammers and a good start to the team Ronald Koeman.
Now the situation is the opposite, in butterscotch recession and the team can not win for 5 games in a row. Burnley, Norwich, Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Manchester City – that’s what they were rivals, you know that as a highlight a strong team can be only one of the above, the other was a feeble and Everton beat them failed.

West Ham surpasses all four of the quality composition (69.121, 160 cost Burnley, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, while at the Hammers 250), Norwich so all the team from the Championship, and although it failed to beat Everton in his same field without problems. If we talk about the draw at Ettihade, the Manchester City scored 2 penalty strokes and Statistics 19-3 and 8-2 on shots on target have all said Everton just bounced. The team is in a position to frankly weak, but West Ham finally on Wake up.

Hammers remind me of last year’s Seville, which started just awful, and was in the relegation zone, but then equalize. However, Bilic club to equalize before, after losing to Southampton gathered and scored 7 points in 3 games. We played a draw with only Middlesbrough, but looked better than the opponent.

The main thing – equalize the defense and played two clean sheets in a row, and then Everton, who only scored three goals in the last 5 matches and is on the decline in terms of attack. In the match against Burnley in the attack looked good, but it is the most dnischenskaya team in the league at the level of the composition, but in the other three games have caused only 7 shots on goal total. Well, the history of personal meetings (of 1 butterscotch victory in their last 5 matches between them) has to bet on neproigrysh Hammers.

Bilic have excellent composition, Payet alone represents a huge threat to the opponents’ goal in any game and is unlikely to be a long time Londoners is where they are now. The large number of players in a holder (27 people a decent standard) gives the confidence that even though the number of injured West Ham will be able to play well.

Last season the Hammers finished typing on 15 points more than Everton and now can be seen that the position of command begins to level off, Everton lost the short fuse that appeared due to the arrival of new coach Koeman, who has been a great motivator, because I think that x2 2.20 excellent choice.

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