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I do not know who will win – Manchester City or Barcelona. However, almost no doubt that the duel of the super clubs will be spectacular and effective. I argue its prediction: TO2.5 of 1.57 (if too low, you can try TO3 for 1.90).

Two weeks ago, the team struck TO3.5 at the Camp Nou (4:0). Barcelona scored a 4, but could and more – Neymar missed a penalty, had some good moments at Suarez and Rakitic. Manchester City tried to play safely, in a high pressure, which is why constantly sank in the defense and naturally received a whole bundle.

However, the City itself has created a sufficient number of points to score 1-2 goals. Just had bad luck in the completion. Barcelona’s defense did not play perfectly, despite the biscuit in the lead. Several times a team has saved the goalkeeper Ter Stegen. For me, the score 4: 2 more accurately reflects the pattern of the game, rather than 4:0.

That is, TO3.5 for these teams – is not the limit. Barcelona is still able to score to anyone and plenty, a fantastic trio in the attack is in full swing, and bold, and openly playing risk for the sake of victory Man City – just the perfect opponent to once again score 2-3 goals. But the city, I think the fans will leave without a goal. Still on the floor playing. All that is not flown into the goal Barca at the Nou Camp, can fly at Ettihade double.

In addition to a personal meeting, both teams spent another 2 matches in the Champions League. At Manchester City behind festivals goals 4: 0 and 3: 3, Barcelona is not far behind – 7:0 and 1:2. Solid TO.

More facts. First. The last home matches Manchester City in the Champions League group stage ended so – 4:0, 4:2, 2:1, 1:2, 3:2, 1:2, 1:1, 4:2, 5:2, 1:3. That is, the audience cheering goals – it’s a tradition. Second. Barcelona scored in all guest matches Champions League group stage, starting in 2010. The third. Pass the Catalans regularly – crackers were only visiting BATE APOEL, Ajax, Celtic, Spartacus. That is, mediocre teams. To relate all these facts, and again come to the TO and GB.

Guardiola three times in his career, opposed Barcelona, and always matches obtained fun – 3:0, 3:2, 3:0. Again TO.

When Barça last time came on Ettihad, and that was six years ago, TO2.5 passed by the 69th minute (1: 2). Again TO.

In composition. In Barcelona’s tangible problems in defense – will not play Pique, Alba and Mathieu. This increases the probability of heads City. But ahead of Barça full stuffing all scorers healthy. Manchester City was passed in 8 of the last 9 official matches, such an attack would not keep. In turn, the city returned to the composition of Aguero, who was missing at the Camp Nou (it came out, but only on 79th minute). On Saturday, Aguero scored twice in the gate of the BWA, so the Argentine in order and ready to score Barca, missed 7 goals in the last 3 official matches. Again, all the staff news indicate that the goals will be a lot.

In general, when Manchester City Guardiola and Barcelona with Luis Enrique – a team game which can get boring and dull. On the contrary, we are waiting for a real feast of beautiful football and scored goals. I take away TO2.5 and wait for the show.

Good luck!

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