Rami and Pamela Anderson broke up. All because of the wedding and children

It’s sad.

One of these days, one of the most famous couples about which Sports.com could write broke up – Pamela Anderson left Adil Rami. According to British and American tabloids, there were two main reasons.

It seems that the whole thing in the wedding and children

The first is children . Rami has two of them – the twins Zeyn and Madi from the former girl, the model Sidoni Bjemon. According to Page Six, Pamela decided that the relationship prevents Rami from being a good father and giving the children enough time. Pamela met the children very recently, they liked her terribly, but after that she realized that Adil would pay too much attention to her, but too little – Zeyna and Madi.

The Page Six source says: Pamela told Rami that he should re-build a relationship with Beymont. Anderson believes that Adil’s children need him more than she does, so that they will part right now. “She says that one day Rami will thank her. Pamela’s heart is broken by the fact that Adil sees children less often than he should, so she leaves. She takes herself out of his life so that he does the right thing and was with the children, “- says the source of the British tabloid.

The second reason is a wedding . According to TMZ, immediately after the victory at the World Cup, Adil gave Pamela a Cartier ring. A few weeks later he proposed to her, but she refused. Already meeting with Rami, Anderson said that she would like to again marry, while not want to Adil teased that he is with a woman 20 years older than himself.

Earlier wrote that Pamela’s friends believe that Rami is not her pair: infantile, too much hanging out. But Anderson always believed that she must remain faithful to Adil and respect his feelings while they are together.

Pamela loved to talk about Rami

Pamela was always frank when she was asked about a romance with Rami. She told me that she warned Adil that their romance was not eternal . “Understand, there will come a day when I will be a ruin,” she quoted the conversations with the player. “Be ready for this.” Let’s love each other while we love each other. If someday you look at me and say “fu” – well, I can always move somewhere else. ”

She also remembered that Rami was constantly amazed at her age: “He said: come on, you’re 30, not 50. Show me the right, what’s the date there? It’s just impossible! How do you do it? And I told him: how old would you be if you did not know how old you were?

Pamela told me that Adil likes it when she changes into a maid . “I probably should not have talked about this. I’m just terrible. Just without brakes, “she laughed in an interview with Pierce Morgan.

She moved to him in Marseille

Pamela and Adil met in May 2017 at the Monaco Grand Prix . In January, Pamela surrendered her house to Malibu (about which she said she had invested all her money in it) and moved to a football player in Marseille to live with him and Zuzu (golden retriever Rami).

In July, Pamela introduced Rami to her mother, Carol Anderson. Last week, Pamela was seen at the match “Marcel” and “Monaco”. Then it seemed that the couple all the more serious nowhere, but now they part.

Pamela is 51, she was married three times (for musicians Tommy Lee and Kid Rock and professional poker player Rick Salomon). From Lee, she has two children – Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger.

Pamela really likes the son of a Russian billionaire

According to Page Six, Pamela has been crazy for many years, Yevgeny Lebedev, the son of Russian billionaire banker Alexander Lebedev , who lives in London. The tabloid told me that Eugene constantly sends her flowers and art objects, sends her private planes, calls to Europe and floods with romantic messages. Pamela’s friends always believed that he suited her much more than Rami.

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