Ronaldo bought the Valladolid. How did it happen?

Talks about this went from the end of spring, but officially announced everything only in the early days of autumn: the same Ronaldo bought the Spanish “Valladolid” and became chairman of the board of directors of the club. Briefly explain how it happened.

• One of the best players in the history of mankind bought a 51% stake in Real Valladolid for 30 million euros. Former owner Carlos Suárez retained the post of president and will continue to be responsible for the operational management of the club, and Ronaldo became chairman of the board of directors .

“This is a very important day for me,” said Ronaldo. – I have been preparing for this for a long time in recent years. Our activities will be based on competition, hard work and transparency, everyone will work to the maximum of their capabilities. We want to keep the club on top and continue to develop . “

“Valladolid is an incredible city with excellent potential,” the Brazilian added. – I will try to convey everything I know about football, players and will always be there when they need advice. I will try to manage the club effectively and successfully. “

“Valladolid” this summer made its way to La Liga through the playoffs, although in April it was on the 11th place in the shogun. Negotiations with Ronaldo were still in May, but the exit to the elite was a prerequisite for the deal . At the end of the summer everything was clear, but the club chose not to announce everything officially so as not to spoil the transfer campaign: after learning about new investments, other clubs could increase the prices for the players that Valladolid was interested in.

• According to Spanish sources, Suarez, who has managed the club for 17 years, had better offers from China and Latin America, but he preferred the option with Ronaldo . “His arrival will allow Valladolid to declare itself to the whole world,” the president said.

Mayor of Valladolid Oscar Puente was even more specific: “He is a world icon, and the deal looks interesting. Only Ronaldo and Michael Jordan have lifetime contracts with Nike . This gives Valladolid new opportunities. “

• Of the previous possibilities, Valladolid has a good stadium (excluding the August lawn) for 26.5 thousand spectators, which was built for the World Cup 1982.

For 90 years of history, Valladolid has not won a single serious trophy , only played twice in the final of the Cup of Spain and participated in European cups a couple of times – someone for certain will remember how in the fall of 1997 he was in the UEFA Cup without much trouble, Moscow “Spartacus”.

• There are no serious stars in the current lineup of Valladolid – if you do not follow La Liga very closely, you could only hear about goalkeeper Jordi Mapy (ex-Barcelona), Turkish striker Enese Unale (leased from Villarreal), midfielder Daniele Verde (rent from “Roma”) or Croatian striker Douche Chopet (went to Euro-2016, but at the last moment did not get to the World Cup-2018). Yes, and it is unlikely.

Ronaldo became the first (former) football player who bought the top division club in European top leagues .

The legend of “Real”, “Inter” and the Brazilian national team, two-time world champion and the owner of the “Golden Ball” finished his career in 2011, “losing to his body . After that he invested in one of the clubs (Fort Lauderdale Strickers, if suddenly) from the lower leagues of the USA, was the ambassador of Madrid “Real”, but clearly wanted more.

If you suddenly forgot how Ronaldo played, be sure to read this text of Vadim Lukomsky .

• Of the huge number of goals that Ronaldo scored for his career, 6 flew into the gates of Valladolid.

• Valladolid started the season with two zero draws and a 0-1 defeat to Barcelona, ​​but was most remembered by the horrible lawn on which the champion had to be taken. The penalty for such an outrage, like 25 million debts, will now be paid much easier.

Photo: ; REUTERS / Sergio Perez; / Oliver Berg / dpa

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