Save the “City”! What’s wrong with the game team Josep Guardiola

“Soviet Sport” examines the reasons why the star team of the Spanish coach is likely to remain without the Champions League for next season.

New Year Josep Guardiola met in a bad mood – a few hours before him, “Manchester City” lost “Liverpool” (0:1). “Soviet Sport” explains what is wrong with the game “City”, which risks being without Champions League next season because of the principles of the head coach.

“City” is NOT an effort on goal

The match “Liverpool” and “City” has attracted attention because it is a battle of styles. Team Jurgen Klopp is committed to rapidly deploy the same guys Pep Guardiola prefer to play the ball to the faithful.

“Football Klopp, which he calls the heavy metal, very aggressive. “Liverpool” is able to move into the attack for three or four seconds, which is very like the audience. I pretty game this team, despite the fact that I prefer a different style, “- said before the meeting Guardiola.

“Liverpool” has succeeded with its own style. It is because of the rapid transition to the attack, he scored the only goal of the match. Having seized the ball on the right flank, Firmino in a few seconds threw a breakthrough on the left touchline Lallanu. To run and apply for Wijnaldum for him it was a matter of technique.

More than controlling the ball (57 percent), a real scoring chances, “City” is not created. “In the second half we were wrong, but I can not remember the opponent real opportunities to score,” – he said after the game Klopp.

Statistics confirms his words: “citizens” only dealt two blows of the penalty area!

“CITY” control of the ball, but the good of this is not enough

For the “Manchester City” this is not the first such game.

The same failure to “citizens” was a match with “Tottenham”, which they lost 0:2. Then Guardiola’s team greater control of the ball (again 57 percent of possession), but the moments created with difficulty. four strokes out of the penalty was applied, two of which are blocked rivals. “Tottenham” replied fast counter attacks.

In a similar scenario took place the game with “Chelsea”, where “City” is also lost – 1:3. The circumstances are similar: “citizens” more ball possession (60 per cent), and the opponent carry out rapid attacks.

The difference from the games with “Tottenham” and “Liverpool” one – “Manchester City” with “Chelsea” played sharper. But almost all of his free-kicks from (seven) “City” paid after the flanking transmission that is absolutely atypical for them. From the kick-off Londoners ousted them literate location.

“CITY” loses points with the middle peasants and outsiders

Even more painful, these lesions is doing what and “Liverpool” and “Tottenham” and “Chelsea” – are direct competitors, “City” in the fight for the top places. It recognizes and Guardiola: “The title race involved six teams.” Obviously, in the list also includes the coach “Arsenal” and “Manchester United”.

The fact that the style of “Manchester City” for victories in big games is not the best, say the results of games contenders for gold together. Most of all points collected “Liverpool” – 11. He has not lost any of its direct competitors. Next comes the “Chelsea”, scored nine points. “Manchester City” in big games took only six points, having beaten “Arsenal” and “Manchester United”. Mourinho’s team was defeated when only mastered the new coach needs.

“Man. City “could compensate for this win over the middle peasants and outsiders. But they have learned to “citizens” to resist. The main thing – to send the ball “City” and wait for his chance. With the score 1:1 Guardiola’s team played with “Everton”, “Middlesbrough” and “Sautemptonom”. In the first two games against the teams of “citizens” possessed the ball more than 70 percent of the time! Too many unnecessary losses. For example, “Chelsea” tripped only “Swansea” (2:2).

According to the portal, with the game “Manchester City” scored 23 goals. It’s only the fourth result in the Premier League. The leader of “Liverpool” (32), followed by “Chelsea” and “Arsenal” (29).

“CITY” IN CAPTIVITY Guardiola rested

If it goes on, in the Champions League “City” may not be allowed, “Tottenham”, “Justice” and “Arsenal”. The first two teams participate in the Europa League and it can make a bet on a national championship. Do yourself a team Guardiola will change … Hardly. He has repeatedly said that will never change his style of play.

The question arises: where in this case to find the reserves to gain? The composition of the attacking line of the “citizens” and so good. Looking for central midfielders with a brain? Please – De Bruyne and Silva. Wanted people who can beat? Sterling and Nolito / Sana’a right there. Aguero altogether is considered one of the best strikers in the world. Many clubs will envy such a selection of players.

Perhaps the “City” game in attack sparkle with new colors, if you can find two good attacking full-backs. There the “citizens” of the season there. More nothing to hope for in terms of personnel.

I wonder how to behave in Pep, if it comes to a critical point? Does it limit stubbornness? This is one of the main intrigue of the second half of the season in English football.

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