Sharapova flew from the US Open. She was beaten and crushed by a one-handed backhand

It was only necessary to pay attention to the impeccable statistics of Maria Sharapova and call her invincible in the matches of the evening session of the US Open (23: 0 after the victory over Ostapenko), and she immediately lost in the evening in New York. Stronger than Maria was Spaniard Carla Suarez-Navarro – 4: 6, 3: 6.

Probably, in this match most of all surprised by how effective Suarez-Navarro pressed on Sharapova. She very often drove Maria into the defense, which, for example, could not have been made much more powerful by Alain Ostapenko.

Particularly impressed by the fact that Carla with her one-handed backend constantly pushed the impact of Sharapova on the left, which on the tour is considered one of the most powerful and dangerous . Spaniard clearly used the rotation and depth to knock Maria out of the court, and the latter had to intercept the racket in his left hand, recoup soft blows and half-candles. Or, on the contrary, it tried to aggravate aggression, which in most cases led to errors.

But Suarez-Navarro played the most powerful game in the second set with the score 2: 2, 30:15, when she pushed Sharapova backhand in mid-way exchange, seized the advantage due to the depth of the blow, knocked Maria out of position and eventually went out for a shot. It was just some kind of magic.

Spaniard in general, very effectively used any hint at the positional advantage , perfectly built a combinational game and constantly intercepted the initiative due to transfers on the line with forehand or lashing backhand. The most revealing and spectacular example happened in the second set when the score was 2: 1 in favor of Sharapova, when after the exchange of sharp crosses from the forehand the Spaniard came up with a blow on the line in the half-string, knocked Maria from the court and clearly shortened.

During the match from the stands someone shouted: “Without mercy, Carla!”. The Spanish woman followed this appeal. This was especially impressive in the context of the fact that a few weeks ago after the tournament in Montreal, she complained how hard it is for her to tour, because everyone plays faster and more aggressively. As a result, she crushed one of the most aggressive tennis players in the world.


Of course, Sharapova also helped Suarez-Navarro mistakes, which for the game accumulated 38 pieces (with just 15 blows). From the forehnd, the game of Mary was generally dirty, like the walls of an old panel on the outskirts of the city: regular marriage in jokes, terrible mistakes when trying to score short balls with the rally drivers and, probably, the worst run-ins that only one could think of. They did not create Sharapova advantage in the attack, but only completely knocked her out of balance and led to technical mistakes.

Already the usual cause of suffering were double errors. There were eight of them, and this is quite a working situation for Sharapova, but they did not come at all in time. In the first set, Maria gave the serve the second time, when she made three double consecutive. The reaction of her cheerleader is perfectly understandable.

In the second set Suarez-Navarro made a decisive break with a score of 2: 2. With the score “exactly” in that game there was a feeling that Sharapova had not had a double for a long time – and she immediately added one more mistake to the statistics. And at the breakpoint, the situation already described was repeated: the Spaniard knocked Maria out of position by forehand along the line, and she could not break the cross to the left.

In general, Sharapova served very well, and the percentage of the first filing was 70, which is quite a lot for her. But due to the constant pressure of Suarez-Navarro, the realization turned out to be terrible: 48% of the first goals scored and only 39% of the second .

At the reception with Maria, too, it did not turn out as well as it could. The filing of Karla is rather weak, but she regularly got into the “nine” and generally let the ball in an uncomfortable, sharp direction. And when it did not work, Sharapova helped with marriage in attempts to hammer the reception stronger.


By the way, Suarez-Navarro had a birthday on the day of the match, she turned 30 years old. She held it for the fifth time on the court and the second time celebrated the anniversary with a match at the US Open: five years ago Serena Williams made her a gift in the form of two sheepskin.

This time Carla held a completely different match and completely outplayed Sharapova. For a place in the semifinal she will play with last year’s finalist Madison Keys.

Photo: REUTERS / Danielle Parhizkaran / USA TODAY Sports; / Javier Rojas / Prensa Internacional (2)

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