“MU” collected a mosaic of trophies

“Manchester United” defeated “Ajax” and for the first time in its history won the European League or UEFA Cup. Now the “devils” have all the big trophies of our time.


It is impossible to imagine a big match in Sweden without Ibrahimovic, especially when his team plays. What difference does it make that he got seriously injured and dropped almost before the end of the year? It’s Zlatan! And Manchester United did not sacrifice the championship in favor of the second-rate European Cup in order to leave Ibrahimovic without a holiday.
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When Buffon was playing, Mbagpe was not born yet. Announcement of the match “Monaco” – “Juventus”

“Soviet Sport” represents the second semifinal of the Champions League – the meeting of “Monaco” and “Juventus”.


Not one goal missed the “Juventus” in the playoffs of the Champions League. In the quarterfinals of the tournament, even Barcelona FC Leo Messi was not able to score the Turinians.

At the “Monaco” another chip – a bright attack. The French in four games after the winter holidays scored 12 goals. More in the playoffs scored only already departed from the tournament, “Bayern” – 13 goals, 10 of which fell to the miserable “Arsenal”.
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