Lionel Messi’s double was detained in Iran

Reza Parastes (on the left), realizing how he looks like Lionel Messi, decided to get a haircut in the manner of the famous football star

The Iranian student, who gained fame due to the external resemblance to the attacker of FC Barcelona and Argentina’s Lionel Messi, was detained by the Iranian police and taken to the police station.
The incident occurred in the city of Hamadan: there were so many people wishing to make a street self with Reza Parastes that the police found the incident to be a violation of public order.
The police arrested a car from a Messi double, and he was taken to the station himself.
25-year-old Reza Parastes has become famous several months ago, when he was photographed in a T-shirt of “Barcelona” under number 10.
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