Ronaldo bought the Valladolid. How did it happen?

Talks about this went from the end of spring, but officially announced everything only in the early days of autumn: the same Ronaldo bought the Spanish “Valladolid” and became chairman of the board of directors of the club. Briefly explain how it happened.

• One of the best players in the history of mankind bought a 51% stake in Real Valladolid for 30 million euros. Former owner Carlos Suárez retained the post of president and will continue to be responsible for the operational management of the club, and Ronaldo became chairman of the board of directors .

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Bookmakers began accepting bets on the successes of Ronaldo newborn children

The British bookmaker William Hill proposes to bet that any of the newborn twins Ronaldo will play for Real Madrid or English Manchester United. This is reported by the Bookmakers’ Rating.

The probability of such a development of events is estimated by a coefficient of 101.0.

Gemini on June 8 gave birth to a surrogate mother. Portugal’s forward, who soon after the advent of the kids went to Russia for the Cup of Confederations, refused to participate in the match for third place because of the desire to see the children.

So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life ?❤

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Ronaldo became the first Portuguese player in the history of Manchester United, having signed a contract with the club at the end of the season-2002/03. As part of the mankuniantsev he marked 84 goals in 196 games. In the summer of 2009, the forward moved to Madrid “Real”, for which at the moment played 265 meetings, scoring 285 in them.