The Olympiad will be able to take several countries at once. IOC is preparing a revolution

The Olympic movement has come to the point that countries no longer want to fight for the right to host the main event of the four-year period. The IOC Executive Board felt the danger and made a number of proposals that should motivate countries that have the opportunity, but do not want to organize the Games.

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The problems began when the winter capital of the Olympic Games was chosen – 2022. At first, there were six candidates: cities from Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Kazakhstan and China. Switzerland, Spain and Germany also intended to submit applications, but abandoned this undertaking rather quickly. This was followed by another similar series, and in the end there were only two candidates left – Kazakhstan and China. He won, as everyone already knows, Beijing.


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And everything would be fine, but the situation has found its repetition again. Of the seven countries that originally wanted to take the Olympic Games – 2026, only Sweden and Italy remained. In order to keep at least these candidates, in January 2019 the IOC did not think of anything better than allowing the government to provide financial guarantees after the deadline for filing the application book. True, neither of the two countries made it on time. But they simply could not be disqualified for it. Then there would be no one to vote for.

Not only did previously have to choose from 7−10 applicants, so there is also the hopelessness of the position of the IOC. By the way, at the same time it became clear that the Olympic Games are a top-level event, but extremely costly. Paris without special infringements received the right to hold the Olympics – 2024, and Los Angeles – Games – 2028.


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The next session of the IOC will be a landmark. There, the management will announce and make all the revolutionary decisions. Major changes will affect the preparation process in organizing the Games. Now the IOC chooses the host country seven years before the event. And now this period can be increased. Especially since this practice already exists. Los Angeles announced its desire to host the 2028 Olympiad in 2017 – 11 years before the event itself.

The system will also work in the opposite direction – if a country where almost all necessary sports facilities already exist provides the IOC with a plan for which it can hold the Olympics earlier than seven years later, the application will be under their control much higher than the others.

The application process will also change. Appraisal commission will be renamed the “Commission of the future owners” and divided into “summer” and “winter.”

Included in these commissions will conduct an open dialogue with potential organizers of the Games, and submit a report to the IOC executive committee. IOC President Thomas Bach and his colleagues believe that these measures will have a positive impact on the current situation due to the lack of enthusiasm among countries to hold the Games.

In addition to this, the Olympic leadership has declared that several cities, regions and even countries will be able to take on competitions – how long has it been practiced in football and hockey. So cheaper and more profitable. This will be implemented (partially) in 2026: Cortina d’Ampezzo joined Milan, and Åre joined Milan.

The final decision on all proposals will be made at the 134th session of the IOC, which will be held in late June in Lausanne. Then the country will be named – the mistress of the Winter Olympics – 2026.

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