When Buffon was playing, Mbagpe was not born yet. Announcement of the match “Monaco” – “Juventus”

“Soviet Sport” represents the second semifinal of the Champions League – the meeting of “Monaco” and “Juventus”.


Not one goal missed the “Juventus” in the playoffs of the Champions League. In the quarterfinals of the tournament, even Barcelona FC Leo Messi was not able to score the Turinians.

At the “Monaco” another chip – a bright attack. The French in four games after the winter holidays scored 12 goals. More in the playoffs scored only already departed from the tournament, “Bayern” – 13 goals, 10 of which fell to the miserable “Arsenal”.

So the meeting between Juventus and Monaco is a battle of two opposites. The gang of Leonard Jardim had not yet this deal with such a reliable defense as the champion of Italy. In turn, the team Massimiliano Allegri did not play with a rival who would also conduct lightning attacks as well as the French. On average, the French make 335 games for the Champions League match – this is only the 27th result among all the participants.

“On the ability to play in defense,” Juventus “- the best in Europe”, – said Jardim.

In the attack group, Monaco has very fast players. In open soccer they can crush anyone. We need to act with the utmost care.
Massimiliano Allegri


Juventus goalkeeper Buffon is spending a great season and if the “Old Lady” wins the Champions League, then the 39-year-old goalkeeper should become the main contender for the “Golden Ball” by the end of the year.

With this prize, Buffon does not have the most pleasant memories. In 2015, Juventus reached the final of the Champions League, where he lost to Barcelona – 1: 3. Despite this result, the goalkeeper was not included in the number of 23 applicants for the “Golden Ball”! This made the Italians angry. In protest, the coach and captain of the national team – Antonio Conte and Buffon himself – refused to vote for the best player in Europe.

But since 2016, the owner of the “Golden Ball” is chosen exclusively by journalists. Coaches and players are not interrogated. All as in the good old days, when it was not necessary to score a lot of goals in order to become the owner of the award. For example, in 2006 she received the defender of the Italian national team Fabio Cannavaro, who led his team to victory in the World Cup. “I myself would have given the” Golden Ball “to Buffon,” Cannavaro said then. With the return to the old voting format, there is a chance that Buffon will still receive his prize.

“I will tell you in secret: after 30 minutes of visiting Monaco with Manchester City in the 1/8 finals, I sent a message to our director:” This team can reach the final, they play perfectly. ” This shows how much we respect our opponent, “Buffon admitted.


More than the others, it is worthwhile to be afraid of Mubpa. The 18-year-old striker Monaco scored five goals in this Champions League, all in the playoffs.

Mbappa plays the second striker in the 4-4-2 scheme. Here’s how he described his role: “Falcao plays the center forward, and I move across the width of the field. I am grateful to the coach for this role. ”

Meeting with Buffon Mbagpa waits: “I work every day to play one day against these players. Buffon is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. ” In the case of Mbappa, this is not just a compliment – he knows what he is talking about. “Kilian has been watching all of Juventus’ games for several years,” said Pierre Mbappa, the player’s uncle.

Funny, but when Buffon was already playing, Mbappa was not born yet.

He was born in 1998? Wow, then I went to the World Cup! Life is Beautiful. Sometimes you meet people who have not been there yet, when you already had experience behind your shoulders.
Gianluigi Buffon

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