Kagawa, Goretzka, Yarmolenko and More – Top 5 Goals on Matchday 07

Goal midfielder Dortmund “Borussia” Andrew Yarmolenko “Augsburg” was among the top three goals scored in the 7th round of the Bundesliga.
Ukrainians in the ranking were ahead only his team-mate Shinji Kagawa and forward Eintracht Sébastien Aller.
Also in the top 5 were the goals of the player “Mainz” Yosinori Muto and the leader of the “Schalke” Leon Goretzky.

Life after Neimar. Who will replace the Brazilian superstar in Barcelona?

From day to day (and even from hour to hour) the coach will finally turn into a pumpkin – in other words, the transfer of Neimar will become the most expensive in the history of football, and the 11th number in the blue-garnet dressing room will be vacant. Talks about this were conducted throughout July – few were less discussed possible candidates to replace the Brazilian striker. “SE” offers your attention three potential newcomers to the liberating position in the attack of the Catalans.

1. Philippe Coutinho

The most obvious option is the Brazilian left winger of Liverpool. Neumar’s ancestor, Coutinho is much more modest (as it seems) outside the field, and in the game itself is equally effective and effective. To fit into the Latin American trident should without any problems – it was MSN, will be the ISS or MSC.
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10 tips for a beginner steward

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 05: Gabriel Jesus of Manchester City celebrates scoring his sides first goal during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Swansea City at Etihad Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

1. Decide why you bet. You must accurately understand your goal. Bets for you – a way to regularly make money or sometimes get “bonuses”, on weekends cheering for your favorite team. If the first, then you should treat business as a business. Namely: set your bank (the amount of money allocated for bets), choose the strategy of the game and follow it (maximum and average stake size, average number of bets, etc.), constantly monitor the events on which bet, read about rates And communicate with other players. If the rates for you are only entertainment on weekends, then this article can not be read further. The only advice in this case – do not put a lot.

2. Only place in large offices. Bookmakers are somewhat like banks. Here, in most cases, too, the principle operates: the larger, the more reliable. Big bookmakers, as a rule, have a history and value reputation. But the one-day shops do not need to close at one point and pocket your money. So do not invent a bicycle, use the services of trusted offices (Bwin, Beffair, William Hill and others). Do not exchange for questionable bureaus, which offer tempting factors. The history of post-Soviet bookmakers knows a lot of bankruptcies, so be vigilant.
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Messi married a childhood friend in his native Argentina

The star of world football Lionel Messi married on Friday evening, a wedding in the Argentine city of Rosario was attended by about 250 guests.

Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo pose at their wedding in Rosario, Argentina, June 30, 2017. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci – RTS19BV5

The star of world football Lionel Messi married on Friday night, a wedding in the Argentine city of Rosario was attended by about 250 guests, including his teammates in the Spanish “Barcelona”, according to the Associated Press.

Elected 30-year-old Messi – Antonella Rockuzzo, they were friends, being children, and they started dating in the second half of the 2000s, now the couple have two sons.

The wedding ceremony took place in a luxury hotel with increased security measures. Accredited to cover the event 150 journalists, in Rosario came the players of “Barcelona” Neymar, Luis Suarez, Gerard Piquet and his wife – singer Shakira.

“He has not changed at all. He is just as simple a guy as before, despite everything he has achieved, “said a childhood friend of Lionel Diego Vallejos, who received an invitation to a wedding.

Messi five times recognized as the best football player of the year, in the “Barcelona” he eight times became the champion of Spain, four times won the Champions League. Playing for the national team of Argentina, Messi became the Olympic champion in 2008. In 2014, Argentina’s national team with Messi in the World Cup finals lost to the German national team.

Bookmakers began accepting bets on the successes of Ronaldo newborn children

The British bookmaker William Hill proposes to bet that any of the newborn twins Ronaldo will play for Real Madrid or English Manchester United. This is reported by the Bookmakers’ Rating.

The probability of such a development of events is estimated by a coefficient of 101.0.

Gemini on June 8 gave birth to a surrogate mother. Portugal’s forward, who soon after the advent of the kids went to Russia for the Cup of Confederations, refused to participate in the match for third place because of the desire to see the children.

So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life ?❤

Публикация от Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

Ronaldo became the first Portuguese player in the history of Manchester United, having signed a contract with the club at the end of the season-2002/03. As part of the mankuniantsev he marked 84 goals in 196 games. In the summer of 2009, the forward moved to Madrid “Real”, for which at the moment played 265 meetings, scoring 285 in them.

The Spanish Supreme Court upheld the sentence of 21 months in prison for Messi

The Supreme Court of Spain upheld the verdict to 21 months of imprisonment for the football player of the Spanish “Barcelona” and the Argentina national team Lionel Messi and his father Jorge Horacio Messi in the case of tax evasion. This was reported by the newspaper El Pais.

It is noted that for the father of athlete Jorge Horacio Messi, the term was reduced from 21 to 15 months. The document says that the judicial body “confirmed the verdict to 21 months in prison and € 2.1 million penalty to Barcelona’s Messi” on charges of “three crimes against the state treasury.”

Initially, the verdict to the 29-year-old footballer and his father was pronounced by the court of Barcelona in July last year. Under Spanish law, an accused person may be allowed not to serve a prison term in the event that the crime is committed for the first time, and the sentence does not exceed two years.

After the decision of the Barcelona court, the lawyers of the football player stated that they would appeal this decision, because they “have grounds for defense”. The athlete and his father were accused of evading taxes of almost € 4.1 million. According to the prosecutor, the player did not pay taxes on profits received in 2007, 2008 and 2009. At the trial, the footballer assured that it was Jorge Orasio Messi who was engaged in his financial affairs, and he was never interested in the subject of taxes and did not discuss this issue with his father.

Messi – a pupil of the football academy of “Barcelona”, acts in the first team since 17 years. As part of the Catalan club, he became eight-time champion of Spain, four-time winner of the Cup of the country, four times became the winner of the Champions League. Also, the Argentinian is a five-time winner of the “Golden Ball” – a prize to the best football player in the world.

As part of the Argentina national team striker won the silver medal in the World Cup in 2014 and was recognized as the best player of the tournament. Forward is also the Olympic champion – 2008, three-time silver medalist of the America’s Cup.

“Real” bought a 16-year-old football player for 45 million euros

Madrid “Real” announced an agreement with the Brazilian “Flamengo” to acquire the rights of 16-year-old striker Vinisius Junior, according to the official website of the Spanish club.

The rights to a young football player “Real” will receive in July 2018, when he turns 18 years old. Junior will continue to compete for Flamengo until July 2019, but will have the opportunity to move to Real Madrid before this date, if the clubs agree.

The transfer amount of the player, which various experts predict a great future, is not called. According to the media, it will amount to 45 million euros.

Junior attracted the attention of several major European clubs by his performance for the national team at the championship of South America among players under 17 years old in March, where he became the top scorer and was recognized as the most valuable player of the tournament.

“MU” collected a mosaic of trophies

“Manchester United” defeated “Ajax” and for the first time in its history won the European League or UEFA Cup. Now the “devils” have all the big trophies of our time.


It is impossible to imagine a big match in Sweden without Ibrahimovic, especially when his team plays. What difference does it make that he got seriously injured and dropped almost before the end of the year? It’s Zlatan! And Manchester United did not sacrifice the championship in favor of the second-rate European Cup in order to leave Ibrahimovic without a holiday.
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Spain U-17 won the Euro-2017

The Spanish youth team (U-17) became the winner of the European Championship for the corresponding age.
In the final match, the Spaniards defeated England (2:2, 4:1 on penalties). The Pyreneans yielded 1:2 and recouped on the 6th added to the second half thanks to the goal of Nacho Diaz.
Penalties broke through the new scheme – ABBA. England squad first, then two beats were scored by the Spaniards, then two hits in a row were not realized by the British, and then the players of the Spanish national team scored both blows.
Recall that the tournament was Ukrainian team U-17, which flew after the group stage, gaining three points in the match with the Norwegians, and also lost to the Dutch and vice-champions to the British.

Lionel Messi’s double was detained in Iran

Reza Parastes (on the left), realizing how he looks like Lionel Messi, decided to get a haircut in the manner of the famous football star

The Iranian student, who gained fame due to the external resemblance to the attacker of FC Barcelona and Argentina’s Lionel Messi, was detained by the Iranian police and taken to the police station.
The incident occurred in the city of Hamadan: there were so many people wishing to make a street self with Reza Parastes that the police found the incident to be a violation of public order.
The police arrested a car from a Messi double, and he was taken to the station himself.
25-year-old Reza Parastes has become famous several months ago, when he was photographed in a T-shirt of “Barcelona” under number 10.
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