How to win at sports betting?

Strategy games bookmakers can be anything. From the already known and described in the well-known portals to their own strategies to develop their own players. My many years of experience of playing in bookmakers allows me to clearly understand that the resort to the help of well-known strategy is not profitable. If the player wants to receive a steady income, he must come up with their own way.

It is important to understand that the main task of any strategy – is not constant winnings, this does not happen. bet on sports Strategy solves the problem of stable earnings. That is, even if your bet loses, your strategy should include follow-up rate, which will play the first sub-rate money and bring the final profit.

For example, a player who prefers to bet on football, playing in the totals. His bank is $ 100. His goal – to six months to make $ 500. It is registered online bookmaker Bwin office. To achieve his goal, he has to spend the first month learning to make correct predictions for football matches, in which he wants to participate. The money will not be lost at this time, so you should not worry. As long as the player learns, he applies the knowledge acquired in parallel, playing in the virtual bookmaker for virtual money, not losing anything.

When knowledge is more or less filled the head of our hero, he can begin playing for real money. And it all begins with the proper conduct of bankroll management. According to the rules, the bet size should be equal to one percent, which in this case is equal to one dollar, and the ratio of the predicted events must be at least 1.8. So, the player starts making bets Bwin.

If the bet was a winner, the player continues to play betting one dollar; if losing, it increases the amount of the bet on so much that, in accordance with the gain factor allowed him to return the money spent on the first bet and bring the final profit. Thus, a player in the bank reserve sufficient funds to survive failures 6-9 (which is a rarity for correct predictions).

Playing so this month the player will increase its capital by $ 30-50 on average. And the next month, he will be able to increase the limit on the first bet with a dollar and a half. It seems a trifle, but in fact, at the same time, increases and the final monthly gain in half. And for the second month in a player wins $ 75 more. Total for 3 months, of which only 2 months have been game, the bank has increased from $ 100 to $ 200-225.

After another 2 months bank player will reach $ 450-500. Goal reached, and for 5 months, of which one month is not used
Types of bets in bookmakers

Due to the increased popularity in the bookmakers, there are new kinds of sports betting, which the bookmaker takes bets from players. Therefore, many players who had just set foot on the path of permanent player for the first time faced with a wide range of rates, just do not know what to do.

The most basic kind of bets is considered a victory of one team or player, or a draw between them; in some cases it is possible to put both the regular time, and the entire match with extra time and penalties. Types of bets in bookmakers on the double result can not be called difficult, in this case, you can bet on three possible options:

1. “1X” – the victory of the first team or a draw;
2. “12” – the victory of the first or second team;
3. “X2” – victory of the second team or a draw.

But all this is not limited, there are types of betting rates, where the novice is really difficult to navigate. Consider a more or less popular:

• Time Match. In this case, the player must indicate the results of the first half and the match as a whole. These types of bets on football matches are popular, where there is a clear favorite.
• Total. Here, the player must correctly identify the total amount of any vnutreigrovyh events. For example, the total score, number of outs, corner, substitutions, cards and the like. For example, if in a football match, one team earned 7 corners, and the other 9, the overall total is equal to 16. If a player is put on the total angle is greater than 15, he won.
• Correct Score. This type of betting suggests that the player will show the exact result of the game events. For example, the score of the football game in the Premier League. Types of sports betting with the exact account always valued very highly, and the odds on them are quite attractive.
• Fora. The same as a bet on the victory of one team, only through determined initially proposed bookmaker odds. For example, if a head start for the team of (2), then the player to bet on the game, taking advantage of a handicap, can immediately assume that the score 2: 0 in favor of his team.

These are the main types of betting rates, but not all. With this information, even a novice will be able to deal with all the available types of bets offered by bookmakers.

The main reasons for the loss of all the money in the betting stakes

In fact, the play “just” or because of bad luck can not. If a player makes a reasonable bet on sports online, then chances are that he will not carry 5-6 times in a row is equal to zero (ie, as rates can be profitable in a row, following the bankroll management). Lose people for other reasons, which I would like to describe in detail.

• Bet on your favorite team. Being a fan of – it is certainly good, but we need to soberly assess the chances of their favorite team, and if you are sick of Zhytomyr Polissya, which plays against Barcelona (enchanting example, however), because of his feelings for the team, you lose 99% of cases.
• The rate in emotionally unstable. We are all human, and each have problems. If you had a fight with my boyfriend, they lost their jobs, or are simply in a state close to depression, it is better to refrain from the tender. And it usually ends with the phrase “as well, it put so, come what may!”. And it ends up very badly.
• Wrong choice of betting shops, where the coefficients are placed too bad. Here, I think, is clear. No matter how professional you are, understated rates eventually left without any money.
• And there are still some craftsmen who make bets just because “this match will go on TV, I want to put this match.” In principle, everyone is free to do what he wants, but it’s a direct way to fly into the pipe.
• There are pundits who are beginning to imagine themselves great analyzers and forecasters upcoming sporting events. They begin to put on everything, regardless of whether they know anything about the teams or not. These sports betting can only lead the player to the exit.
• And as a result, the main cause of the loss and the last of all the pot is non-compliance with the rules of bankroll management. The player makes bets too large in relation to their bank, and in the long run remains penniless.

In half the cases, the reason that the player is in the “slippery” track, is after his bet, which he very much hoped lost. It already leads him into a state of depression, and the errors begin. In such cases it is better to relax, stroll and leave the rate for a day or two.